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Techdrives is a division of Lenze Ltd formed in 2009 to sell drive products essential for machine production to the UK and Ireland.  We offer you high quality products with easy information and technical support.


Mail: from Techdrives website

Fraser Rd
Priory Business Park
Bedford   MK44 3WH

01234 753201


Our quality drive products come from manufacturing partners with whom we have a close relationship.

We are certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and offer a 2 year product warranty.

Expert advice is available on 01234 753201 or  

Site visits are possible for volume enquiries.

This website gives you easy access to technical information: simple product pages, FAQ’s, downloads.

Your future is assured: we have been in the UK for 46 years and are part of the €634m Lenze Group.


Techdrives are generally unable to handle enquiries or offer technical advice to companies whose invoice and despatch address is outside of the UK and Ireland .

We are prevented by contract to supply to other countries as our partners may have different distribution arrangement.

Where we receive enquiries from other countries, if they are judged of interest, they will be passed on to the relevant partner factory.  We cannot guarantee their response.

We are the European Master Distributor for Panasonic geared motors, in the case of Panasonic enquiries from other European countries, we will either handle them directly or pass them to one of our appointed agents.

Generally you can link to the following supplier websites:

Actuators & Screw jacks -

Clutches & brakes -

Tooth clutches & couplings -

Signal towers & beacons -

Precision gearboxes -

Torque limiters -


In this case we generally trade through our partner Torsion Dynamics based in Malahide.


Our customers are in the UK and Ireland building machines or requiring spare parts.
Many are involved in
food processing, packaging, conveyors and mechanical transport.  However our products are also used in diverse areas of industry: railway points testing, wind turbine brakes, building maintenance cradles, solar tracking, voice annunciators for access


Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 0830 to 1645.  To contact us by telephone dial

01234 753201

Outside working hours you can contact our emergency technical helpline 07899 921190.

Alternatively  to contact us by email:

To speed enquiry handling, we would like to know:

- your company name
- your product or application requirements
- the quantity needed


Techdrives orders are processed within our Lenze accounts system.  If you already have an account with Lenze, then Techdrives products fit in seamlessly, also mixed Lenze and Techdrives orders.  If you do not have an account these are two alternative options:

For on-going business speak to your Sales Team about opening an account

For 1-off and low value orders speak to our Sales Team about credit card payment, or else you can order through our Distribution Partners:

Transdrive Eng. Services, Oldham
Modern Drives & Controls, Leicester
Torsion Dynamics, Dublin       

OEM Automatic, Leicester (Panasonic 3-series only)


Lenze standard terms of sales apply to Techdrives orders.


Lenze Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales, Registration No. 968777.  VAT reg. no. GB727 882591