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panasonic products

Panasonic  motors and geared motors are a range of small drives from 6W up to 1.5kW.  Included are simple AC geared motors, brushless, and dynamic servo systems

Shaft flexible couplings are available in 17 ranges to suit all types of industrial machinery.  These include jaw couplings, all metal, metal disc, gear, beam and spring types.

shaft couplings clutches and brakes

Our industrial products for linear motion give you a wide choice with forces from 100N up to 1000kN.  They include linear actuators, screw jacks and ball screws with options for all types of industrial machinery

Signalling products give a visible indication for machine status and safety/warning situations.  Available are signal towers, beacons and audible devices.
We also offer LED light bars for machine lighting.

gearboxes linear motion signalling and displays

Torque limiters Prevent damage to machine parts and tooling, avoiding costly downtime.  We offer 7 different types for torques from 1 to 30000Nm.

torque limiters
Shaft Connections