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Techdrives precision universal joints transmit torque through high angles with consistent performance and long life.  Single, double and telescopic models can run up to 45° with shafts from 6 to 50 mm and dimensions to DIN808.  Construction is in steel with particular attention being paid to match the hardness of the wearing parts to achieve a long life.  For more information see our frequently asked questions.

Universal joints are not flexible couplings.  They transmit torque with angular misalignment but a single joint cannot accept parallel or axial misalignment.  A single joint running at an angle will give an output where the speed fluctuates 4 times per revolution.  To achieve smooth running, two single joints or a double joint is needed.

Types G,GD & GA universal joints have sliding plain bearings and suit operations up to 1000r/min.  Gaiters are recommended to retain lubricant.

Types H,HD & HA are high speed universal joints with needle roller bearings suiting operation up to 4000 r/min.

Types S and SA joints with plain bearings with a special construction that uses rubbing parts of matched case-hardened steel.  This gives extra durability.  Details are given in the catalogue download.

Types GA and HA are telescopic universal joints designed to connect machine parts where axial movement is made without torque loading.  When torque is transmitted they have a tendency to axially lock.  A standard range is available on short lead times, alternatively special lengths can be constructed.

Universal joints are often fixed to the shafts by cross-pinning through the hub.  This can be done after assembly to ensure the hubs are set radially and axially.  Also it achieves axial fixing where as the alternative of a keyway connection will require a circlip or end cap.

For severe environments universal joints of sizes 01-04, 1, 3, 5 and 6 can be supplied with stainless steel construction, both single and double, and both G and H designs.  Note however that G designs may still require lubrication, and H designs have needle roller bearings in standard steel.

Special bores such as splined and square, also quick release hubs can be offered, details in the catalogue download.

Universal joint selection is based on speed, leading to a choice between plain and needle roller bearings, the working angle and the torque to be transmitted.  See our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions guide for more details.


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