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Universal joints catalogue
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New catalogue for machine universal joints

Single, double and telescopic joints for 6 to 50mm shafts

The Techdrives range of machine universal joints is presented in a new 32 page catalogue.  Machine universal joints differ in construction to the larger automotive types in that the hubs and central element are all at a single outside diameter.  They are constructed from steel with plain or needle roller bearings and suit machine shafts from 6 to 50mm diameter.  Each joint element can drive at angles up to 45° although in most real-life cases they are used for angles between 5° and 30°.

Machine universal joints are often installed as a pair of single joints or a double joint to ensure a uniform drive output.  If the input and output shafts are not aligned it creates a cardan error where the speed of the output shaft exhibits sine wave oscillations, so generally a pair of joints are used.  The Techdrives range offers both single and double types with bores up to 50mm.  Plain bores are offered for pinning, alternatively hubs with keyways or square bores.

For speeds up to 1000r/min machine universal joints are best selected with plain bearings.  These require periodic grease lubrication and enclosure with the optional gaiters is recommended.  Above 1000r/min and up to 3000r/min needle bearing models are offered.

Telescopic versions of universal joints can be used to accommodate movement between machine elements.  They are made up from two single joints with a sliding splined part between them.  They suit static adjustment as the splines are reluctant to slide whilst under torque load, and typical strokes are 30 to 300mm.

Another popular option in the Techdrives range is stainless steel construction which is available for shafts from 6 to 30mm.  The full range of machine universal joints is presented in this new catalogue, jointly branded for Techdrives and Lenze Selection, including guidance on sizing and mounting.

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